My Neighbor Totoro – Neko Bus (Cat Bus)

Gender : Male
Species : Catbus
Status : Vanishing the his dream
Hair color : Brown
Eye color : Yellow
Appearance : My Neighbor Totoro, Mei and the Kittenbus
Voice actor (Japanese) : Naoko Matsui
Voice actor (Streamline) : Carl Macek
Voice actor (Disney) : Frank Welker

The Catbus also known as ( ネコバス Nekobasu?) (referred to in the film as ねこのバス, ‘Neko no basu’) is a transporting animal bus looking character in My Neighbor Totoro, He is met by Mei, Satsuki and Totoro. (though Totoro could have known him for years since he already knows to take it to get back to his home under the camper tree).


The Catbus appears on the road (mostly the bus stop), of the forest when Mei, Satsuki and Totoro were waiting for their father’s bus…. the girls mistake it for their father’s bus but in the dark it erratically jumps up and down, confusing the girls. After the bus speeds a bit too fast and then backs up… it meows with it’s glowing carlight eyes and smiles like the Cheshire cat…. (when he spots the girls), the girls make a random noise in surprise.



Kittenbus are children of Catbus in Mei and the Kittenbus a sequel shorts of My Neighbor Totoro. He is friend of Mei Kusakabe and Totoro.

The Kittenbus looks similar to the Catbus. It has six legs and brown/orange fur, with yellow eyes. It can travel to anywhere in seconds.

Kittenbus will be appears in My Neighbor Totoro 2.


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